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Project Description

Broward County Parks & Recreation Long Key Natural Area Habitat Restoration

This 37-acre award-winning wetland mitigation habitat restoration project encompasses some of the most significant archaeological, historical, and ecological resources in Broward County.  As part of a series of islands surrounded by Everglades marshes, the site supported human settlement since 1000 BC by the Tequestas.  Because of the higher elevation and remote location, the Seminoles inhabited the islands until the early 1900s.

Broward County’s program for Long Key was to preserve the archaeological resources, enhance the floral and faunal habitats and to provide for a recreational component.

Miller Legg was responsible for the coordination of archeological investigations that delineated the significant areas of the project.  Following this, earthwork, exotic plant eradication, planting, and hydrologic designs were developed for the project.

This highly functional and restored habitat is now home to hundreds of species of wildlife, plants, and fish, as well as providing equestrian trails, pedestrian camping and picnicking opportunities.


  • Award of Excellence American Society of Landscape Architects, Florida Chapter, 2003
  • Engineering Excellence Honorable MentionFlorida Institute of Consulting Engineers, 2002
  • Landscape AwardFlorida Nursery Growers & Landscape Association, 2003

The restoration project encompasses:

  • Marsh Creation & Enhancement
  • Upland Creation & Enhancement