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Project Description

Miramar Town Center

This 36-acre private development portion of Miramar Town Center includes 175,000-SF of retail, 50,000-SF of office and 500 proposed units of multi-family residential uses as part of the 57-acre public/private project. Miller Legg provided engineering design, permitting and construction services for the infrastructure improvements to serve the 36-acre private development portion of the 57-acre public/private Miramar Town Center project.

The on-site infrastructure consisted of 2,500 LF of spine road and the master water, sewer and drainage systems to serve 175,000 SF of retail development, 50,000 SF of office development and 500 multi-family residential units. Services also included off-site paving and drainage improvements to accommodate the required roadway improvements including seven turn lanes and two median openings.

Miller Legg’s services for this project also included coordination and meetings with local utility providers related to the proposed infrastructure, including Florida Power & Light, AT&T, Florida City Gas, and Comcast. In addition, Miller Legg provided design permitting and construction services for the water, sewer and drainage improvements required for development of the 4.5-acre Block 4B of the Town Center.

In addition to engineering services, Miller Legg also provided boundary and topographic surveying, sketch and legal descriptions, plot plans, on-site and off-site engineering including design and permitting, planning, landscape architecture and construction services for the Miramar Town Center project.