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Project Description

Nakheel Waterfront Park

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Nakheel Waterfront Precinct is a new community. Sixty thousand (60,000) residents are planned to occupy this district with ninety percent (90%) of the inhabitants coming from places outside of Dubai.

The individual’s life style will infuse the urban fabric with diverse social backgrounds giving rise to neighborhoods within the community. These new neighborhoods will develop their own individual characteristics and “Street Life” will develop as the areas populate creating a sense of place.

Outdoor spaces will serve the function of providing opportunities for interaction and be the catalyst to bring individuals together forming the social fabric of the neighborhoods.

These functioning spaces i.e., Streets, Mosques, Souks, Parks, and Promenades will be vital to the development of neighborhoods.

Neighborhood connectivity will be accomplished through streets and sidewalks. Social interactions along these connectors and within these urban spaces will foster “Street Life” bringing animation to the waterfront district.
Services provided:

Landscape Architecture

  • Hardscape Design
  • Irrigation Design
  • Signage Design
  • Lighting Design