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Project Description

Osprey Point Golf Course at South Regional Park

The objective of this project was to create a greener golf course by evaluating alternatives for reduced water demand.  Natural areas were expanded and connected to add drought tolerant native species which would require less irrigation, especially in all non-essential play areas.  This resulted in the development of an interconnected habitat corridor that would facilitate natural area connections throughout the course for wildlife species.  The use of non-traditional materials for turf and cart paths, while reducing water use, also enhanced the aesthetic quality of the project.

Miller Legg coordinated, facilitated and received the Audubon International’s official designation of a Certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary, the first in Florida, second in the United States and fifth in the world.  This designation recognizes the project as an environmentally sustainable golf course.  This involved the implementation of creative drainage design solutions.  For example, grading features funnel the water toward treatment trains that are intercepted by bioswales for settling, natural accumulation and absorption.  This results in an efficient filtration process through increased natural areas prior to staging through wetland and lake systems.

Special design elements of the project include the following:

  • Audubon International Certification
  • Creation of natural habitat areas
  • Wildlife and habitat corridors, planting schemes
  • Management plan for maintenance, drainage and water quality
  • Natural cart path alternatives

Services provided by Miller Legg include the following:

  • Water use permitting
  • Off-site mitigation design and permitting
  • Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP)
  • Full site design, including infrastructure, stormwater drainage, irrigation and construction plans
  • Value engineering
  • Graphics and rendering development
  • Public outreach