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Project Description

United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Sarasota National Cemetery

With nearly one fifth of Florida’s 1.9 million military-service veterans living within 75 miles of Sarasota, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has designated a 300-acre site, comprised primarily of agricultural lands, to serve as the Sarasota National Cemetery.  Miller Legg provided the necessary services for master planning and design development for this new National Cemetery.  The firm also performed surveying, environmental site assessment, permitting, construction document preparation, construction period services, and the first year of compliance monitoring of the environmental mitigation areas.  The design documentation for the Phase 1 build-out covered approximately 100 acres of the site.

Assembly Area Conceptual Approval Plan 

Miller Legg was hired by The Patterson Foundation to design an expanded Assembly Area at the Sarasota National Cemetery.  Typically, each National Cemetery has a space designated as the Assembly Area, a plaza space with a prominent American flag and a small paved area for public assembly.  With The Patterson Foundation’s generous donation to the Veterans Administration, this new Assembly Area will be a lavish, formal gathering area to honor our veterans.

The design’s features include areas for art and interpretive history of the US military, a covered amphitheater with built in seating, and an expansive rostrum area for speaking.

The Miller Legg Team was responsible for guiding The Patterson Foundation through site analysis, preferences in materials selection, preparation of design concepts, and presentation to the Department of Veterans Affairs for conceptual design approval.  The concept approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs was unveiled to the public at a ceremony at the Sarasota National Cemetery in July of 2011.