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Project Description

Village of Wellington Municipal Complex – Town Center

This was a design-build project of a municipal complex for the Village of Wellington. The facility is a two-story 54,000-SF LEED Gold Certified building composed of office space for the village staff, public space, and village council chambers. The site isapproximately 6 acres with a 300-space parking lot, open plaza space, vegetated swales and detention areas. Some of the challenges overcome to make this project a success included a very tight construction schedule of less than 18 months for design, permitting and construction. This was achieved by working collaboratively between the design team, contractor, owner and regulatory agencies from the beginning of design through completion. The project was completed within budget through value engineering from the beginning. With the contract set up as design-build, it was possible to track costs with the contractor during the design process. LEED Gold certification was achieved through the use of several innovative techniques such as adding a stormwater cistern system that collects, stores, and provides rainwater to the bathroom fixtures. Bioswales and native landscaping were also provided throughout the site to create a more sustainable habitat. The project was certified as LEED Gold in 2011.

Services provided include:LEED Gold

  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Irrigation Design