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Our environmental professionals bring their combined experience to meet your modeling, wetland delineation, vegetation mapping, and land use classification needs.

Miller Legg, in partnership with our clients, skillfully finds solutions to the wetlands environmental permitting maze. By utilizing the best management practices and providing problem solving and negotiating expertise, we meet the goals and objectives of both public and private sector clients.

Our environmental professionals have comprehensive experience in wetland delineations, wildlife surveys, mitigation feasibility studies, environmental assessments and audits, mitigation design, planning and construction observation, value engineering, cost evaluation and scheduling, and environmental permitting for both public and private-sector clients.


Environmental Consulting Services:

ML - Bullet Logo Wetlands Investigations & Delineations

ML - Bullet Logo Jurisdictional Determinations

ML - Bullet Logo Habitat Monitoring

ML - Bullet Logo Wildlife Surveys

ML - Bullet Logo Seagrass & Coral Reef Surveys

ML - Bullet Logo Mitigation Feasibility Studies

ML - Bullet Logo Mitigation Design, Planning & Construction Observation

ML - Bullet Logo Mitigation Banking

ML - Bullet Logo Mitigation Monitoring & Compliance

ML - Bullet Logo Value Ecological Engineering

ML - Bullet Logo Cost Evaluation & Scheduling

ML - Bullet Logo Environmental Permit Processing

ML - Bullet Logo Upland Tree Permitting

ML - Bullet Logo Ecosystem Analysis

ML - Bullet Logo Floodplain Analysis

ML - Bullet Logo Site Investigations

ML - Bullet Logo Regulatory Compliance Evaluations

ML - Bullet Logo Environmental Permitting for Community, Stakeholder & Agencies

ML - Bullet Logo Site Remediation Strategies for Future Land Use & Development Plans

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