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Landscape Architecture

Miller Legg’s Landscape Architects have created quality spaces through functional design, site-sensitive planning, and aesthetic enhancements for residential developments, recreational amenities, commercial facilities, urban centers and transportation corridors.

Although economically productive, commercial developments, enhanced transportation corridors, livable communities, and sustainable ecosystems are vastly different, the design process used to develop and implement these projects is the same. Miller Legg has been successful in the design of these and other landscape architectural projects for both public and private sector clients.

Miller Legg’s landscape architecture staff consists of registered landscape architects, graphic designers, technicians, irrigation specialists and field personnel. Utilizing this Team and specialized design approach, the firm has received numerous regional and local landscape architecture design awards for a variety of projects.




Balance between aesthetics, economics, and environmental concerns are the result of successful land planning. It is during this formative stage that potential is realized, and vision takes shape. Our planning services include assisting in development plan permitting, comprehensive planning, planning studies, and prescribing land use designs, as well as strategies for obtaining their approvals.

The planning staff of Miller Legg consists of experienced professionals dedicated to translating your goals into economically sound, environmentally responsible, and visually creative projects. Our experience with local, county, regional and state planning agencies, together with our in-depth knowledge of environmental and site engineering, results in a streamlined design process and expedited permit approvals for you.

Landscape Architecture Services:

ML - Bullet Logo Landscape Design

ML - Bullet Logo Landscape Planning

ML - Bullet Logo Hardscape & Feature Design

ML - Bullet Logo Greenway Design

ML - Bullet Logo Streetscape Design

ML - Bullet Logo Urban Design & Revitalization

ML - Bullet Logo Planting Design

ML - Bullet Logo Irrigation Design

ML - Bullet Logo Signage Design

ML - Bullet Logo Graphic Design & Presentation

ML - Bullet Logo Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

ML - Bullet Logo Recreation Facilities Design

ML - Bullet Logo Habitat Restoration

ML - Bullet Logo Boardwalk Design

ML - Bullet Logo Arboriculture & Horticultural Consulting

ML - Bullet Logo Project Theming

ML - Bullet Logo Recreational & Commercial Planning

ML - Bullet Logo Contract Administration

ML - Bullet Logo Construction Observation Services

ML - Bullet Logo Plan Review

Planning Services:

ML - Bullet Logo Land Planning

ML - Bullet Logo Urban Design

ML - Bullet Logo Community Planning

ML - Bullet Logo Parks & Recreation Planning & Design

ML - Bullet Logo CRA & Redevelopment Planning

ML - Bullet Logo Site Planning Design & Processing

ML - Bullet Logo Comprehensive Planning

ML - Bullet Logo Development Plans Review

ML - Bullet Logo Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Studies

ML - Bullet Logo Grant Writing Assistance & Applications,

ML - Bullet Logo Land Use Plan Amendments

ML - Bullet Logo Rezoning Applications

ML - Bullet Logo Concurrency Studies

ML - Bullet Logo Due Diligence Studies

ML - Bullet Logo Plat Preparation & Processing

ML - Bullet Logo Community Relations

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