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Traffic & Transportation

Safe and efficient transportation systems are fundamental to the economic vitality of our cities and communities, and are a key element in the planning and implementation of every land development project. We provide a wide range of services to both corporate and governmental clients related to the planning, study, design and implementation of transportation system needs for our communities.

Miller Legg’s professionals can assist you in the areas of traffic impact analysis for new development, access management and permitting, traffic operations analysis and design, corridor planning analysis, neighborhood traffic calming studies and design, data collection, comprehensive planning, and parking studies. We pride ourselves on innovative approaches to solve the complex transportation challenges faced by our clients.


Traffic & Transportation Services:

ML - Bullet Logo Traffic Impact Analysis

ML - Bullet Logo Arterial Intersection

ML - Bullet Logo Operations Analysis

ML - Bullet Logo Access Management Evaluation

ML - Bullet Logo Regional Modeling

ML - Bullet Logo Conceptual Design & Alternates Analysis

ML - Bullet Logo Highway Planning & Design

ML - Bullet Logo Traffic Operations Design

ML - Bullet Logo Intersection / Interchange Planning & Design

ML - Bullet Logo Highway Right-of-Way Mapping

ML - Bullet Logo Pedestrian / Bicycle Pathways

ML - Bullet Logo Corridor Planning Analysis

ML - Bullet Logo Site Evaluation

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